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Research and write reports with confidence using LightBox​

Find the correct subject property information, demographics, zoning, tax assessments, sales, ownership, and other relevant information you need to complete an appraisal report. LightBox brings together multiple property databases to allow for an expedited completion of appraisal reports. All with customizable reports you can create to fit your style. ​

Your trusted partner for Appraisal workflow and subject property research tools​


Appraisers have received work from LightBox​


Data of parcels, properties, and buildings nationwide​


Map layers of property & tax attributes of national parcel data available​


Appraisals awarded through Lightbox annually, giving you access to proprietary data to help you make smarter bids and grow your business​

Key Benefits

Analyze Your Business & The Competition

Compare your internal data with our market-level benchmarks, monitor your firm’s performance over time, find opportunities before your competition, improve win rates and grow revenue.​

Expedite Reports by Accessing the Data From One Platform​

Our integrated platforms allow you to complete your front-end research in as little as 6 minutes and seamlessly transfer information from one application to another. Our report writing tools have excel fields and tables that merge to word templates with a single click. ​

Accurate Data​

We offer access to our unmatched site definition, ownership information, demographics, market data, verified zoning, comprehensive map-ready content, and much more. Helping you make more informed decisions quicker and more accurately. ​

Complete Reports Faster​

Our platforms are all integrated allowing you to quickly transfer information from one application to another. Additionally, our report writing tools have excel fields and tables that merge to word templates with a single click​

Comprehensive Site Information​

Search for specifics on parcels, get ownership information, and access comprehensive, map-ready content in order to make the best decisions during your site selection process.​

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