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Commercial Real Estate CRM Software

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December 13, 2014 5 mins

What makes ClientLook® the best CRM software for commercial real estate brokers, investors, property owners and more? Lots of things including back-office assistants to handle your data entry. Get all the top CRM benefits without the hassle.

Refreshingly simple CRM software

Our top rated customer service and the easiest on-boarding process mean you could be using ClientLook® in just minutes. We’re the only training-free CRM in the commercial real estate industry. You get unlimited support, customization and personalized training.

Check out our new utility to merge duplicates records.


Create your own property universe

Track property ownership. Monitor tenant movements and lease expirations. Understand investor holdings. Become a commercial real estate market expert with instant access to your property inventory module and related contacts.

Now you can build your CRE property database the easy way. Your clients will be amazed.


Manage listings company-wide

It’s easy to track your company’s listings in the ClientLook® commercial real estate CRM. Effortlessly convert listings into comps. Use our Virtual Assistant team as your personal listing secretary to manage changes.

Listing management taking lots of time? Explore our Success Services that allow you to delegate tasks to us.


Track sale and lease comps

Finally! An easy way to track all the commercial real estate comps that occur in your market. Differentiate your level of service by tracking CRE sales and leases and linking to your owners, sellers, buyers, tenants, landlords and more.

Presentation quality reporting allows you to showcase your expertise.


Integrate with other CRE solutions

Get connected with other CRE apps and services such as RPR, TheAnalyst PRO, Google and MailChimp. There’s no easier way to combine a CRM with all the power and convenience of other services than through ClientLook®.


Tracks deals and your pipeline

There’s no easier way to track every deal-related email, prospect, update, meeting and offer. Monitor every stage of your transactions and track your pipeline. It’s commercial real estate CRM software that works for you.


Report to your clients

Win more assignments by offering a whole new level of service. Use Clientlook to send your clients a traditional market report or go high-tech with the fully integrated collaborative war room feature. You’ll offer something for everyone.

Generate traditional marketing report


Leverage online war room


Go mobile

Rely on ClientLook®’s highly rated mobile apps to take your entire CRE business on the road. Access natively on any device and operating system as well as through our innovative iPhone and Android apps. Even sync to Google.


Leverage our Virtual Assistant team

ClientLook® is the only commercial real estate CRM software that includes a FREE team of Virtual Assistants that are standing by to handle your requests. They help with data entry, online lead capture and even listing administration so you don’t have to.


Praise for ClientLook® from our subscribers

“I have seen a direct correlation with the guys in my office who make a lot of money and use ClientLook®. The guys who are using ClientLook® consistently are the ones who are making more money and are having more success in this business.”


Justin Langlois, SVN

“If you want a commercial real estate CRM software that is ready to use today, use ClientLook®. You don’t have to do an elaborate build out or have any special training; you can be up and running quickly.”


Alysia Mattson, CBRE

“ClientLook® has helped me organize my contacts and streamline my business. I am much more efficient this year, and I attribute that to using ClientLook®. ClientLook® gave me a foundation for my business, and it’s the backbone of everything I do.”


Will Poole, Lee & Associates

“ClientLook® is backed by some of the best people in the industry and was created specifically for commercial real estate professionals. If this is your industry, choosing ClientLook® is a must.​”


Brad Fox, NAI Capital

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