Early 2023 Barometers: Resetting market expectations

Early 2023 Barometers:
Resetting market expectations

With our latest report, you’ll get early 2023 barometers to drive your business and stay ahead of the competition with actionable insights.  

Some key findings

Nearly more than $1 trillion in loans are coming due in 2023-2025. The industry is on high-alert and is carefully watching for distress due to the impact this will have on market stability.

Property valuation reset is coming  

The key to boosting market momentum is more clarity on where the pricing reset will land. Until this occurs, a bid-ask spread will continue to slow investment activity. 

Uncertainty remains pervasive  

Investors are looking for more certainty in the potential movement of interest rates, along with pricing levels. 

Multifamily rent growth to stabilize from record highs  

Double-digit growth is no longer sustainable, but 5% to 7% growth is still a realistic projection. 

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 The Fed’s recent action on interest rates provides a sense of clarity to the market and could trigger an increase in transaction flow as investors reinvigorate activity with the perception that interest rates are nearing a peak. 

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