EDR® Area Corridor Report

The industry’s most comprehensive search of 1,700 environmental databases is available for large sites too.

Area and Corridor studies provide fast and accurate review of large properties (those longer than 1 mile or greater than 1.5 square miles). With an improved, familiar format, important information is easier to find.

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Area and Corridor Study Reports

Recent updates to Area and Corridor Study reports include:

  • Improved presentations of distance and direction of plotted sites
  • Simplified navigation to find the information you need quickly
  • Summary listing of sites to easily review search results

EDR® supports Large Scale Projects

EDR® supports large scale project with these additional options:

  • Database file (DBF) integration with your GIS system
  • User-specified search distances (choose ASTM standard search distances or customize search distances to meet your project needs)
  • Historical aerialscity directoriesSANBORN MAP®s and historical topographic maps for your area
  • Well data (USGS and state water wells) and public water supplies
  • Key maps for improved navigation

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