The Future of Lightbox

LightBox is reimagining the workflow in real estate.

LightBox exists to empower decision makers through every step of the real estate workflow.

Today, our solutions help to facilitate thousands of transactions daily across real estate lending, investment sales, appraisal, debt capital markets, property development, environmental engineering and location-based analytics. Connected to our rapidly growing network, LightBox customers communicate with each other, access critical data and integrate with the systems they need to make confident decisions in real time.

LightBox offers powerful new core business capabilities to facilitate profitable growth.

At LightBox, we’ve created an integrated set of capabilities for real estate professionals that help our customers access the best data and employ the right strategies, allowing them to move quickly and confidently. These capabilities help our customers measurably increase the number and velocity of closed transactions, resulting in a more successful, efficient and predictable workflow.

We’re not only focused on removing friction and time from decision workflows. We’re partnering with our customers to accelerate these workflows by connecting key segments of the market – banks, brokers, environmental firms, land developers, builders, appraisers, buyers and more – to the right data, analytics and technologies.

At LightBox, we’re making it easier to find and analyze standardized, reliable data and insights to help our customers make profitable decisions. We address the unique needs of our customers holistically by providing transparency, efficiency and insight – all in one place – through the delivery of scalable and repeatable solutions.

LightBox is simplifying the path to consistent, efficient and profitable decision-making in real estate.

We do this by simplifying processes and providing greater access to critical data. By taking additional noise out of the system and removing distractions, we are creating an intuitive, data-driven and connected workflow.

We’re here to partner with real estate decision-makers. We’ve built our company around their unique needs and have assembled new capabilities and solutions to support their everyday success.