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3 reasons why environmental professionals rely on Digital City Directories from LightBox EDR®

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November 24, 2021 2 mins

For over one hundred years, city directories have been published in the United States, providing
a valuable record of any occupants indicative of past uses and potential environmental issues.
These important historical sources are used by environmental professionals to evaluate potential
risks resulting from past activities and comply with ASTM E1527-13 Standard Practice for
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

Here are three reasons why thousands of environmental professionals rely on our digital City Directory reports to complete their Phase I Environmental Site Assessments:

  • Super Library = Super Coverage
    • Access to the most thorough information provides the best possible view into a property’s history.
      LightBox EDR® provides unmatched access back in time across the entire United States, helping
      you document change and highlight potential issues.
      • Tens of thousands of digital documents means that our library is always open
        (even if your local library is closed).
      • Our expert researchers find the information you need to do your best work.
      • Coverage at 5-year intervals.
  • We Pull it all Together to Save You Time
    • With our vast digital collections and many agreements, we pull it all together, saving you time
      and effort.
      • We own the Haines and Stuart collections and provide rights to copy images
        into your report.
      • Our license agreements with Polk, Bressers, and Cole provide unmatched
      • Copies of page images available in most reports.
  • Access information quickly to get your work done faster
    • Simply select your package on the LightBox EDR® order form, and we will quickly deliver via email and the
      LightBox Data Viewer. With PARCEL, your City Directory information is integrated directly into
      your report template.

Join the hundreds of environmental professionals who rely on LightBox to provide the most accurate data reports.

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