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4 ways brokers benefit with our commercial real estate auction platform

Michael Griffin
September 21, 2021 3 mins

Today’s investment sales brokers face an industry where sellers expect increased buyer participation, faster closing periods, and more transparency. And due to the pandemic, the industry has seen many changes. One change that was immediately apparent was the switch to an almost entirely online world, a change that may become permanent. Tina Lichens, LightBox Senior Vice President, Broker Operations, was recently interviewed in BisNow where she spoke about these new changes:

“The concept and process of online marketing of properties likely will continue to evolve. Businesses must move forward in new ways … we’ll likely see even greater ideas and opportunities to enable customer decision-making and to be even more efficient,” Lichens said in the article.

As the industry is preparing for a potential surge in distressed properties coming to the market, the RCM® LightBox commercial real estate auction platform is here to help brokers transact efficiently online. Our platform gives brokers the flexibility and control they require to get the best results.

The only broker-branded commercial real estate auction platform

Maintaining brand presence across your business materials and dealings are incredibly important, and auctions are no different. Your brand is more than just a logo, and it should be present on all of your business materials. With LightBox RCM®, you have the opportunity to maintain that carefully built brand across the auction process. Not only is your brand name front and center on all your materials, but our customizable marketing tools also ensure that your communications strategy is more efficient and effective.

Your clients also play a role in maintaining your branding. Putting your clients’ needs first and tailoring options for them goes a long way in ensuring an effective brand presence. With our commercial real estate auction solution, you have complete control over how to market your properties. You can easily design and modify branded, professional-looking property websites. You also can take charge of your communication by creating, sending, and tracking your own branded emails on your schedule. 

Total control

With LightBox RCM®, brokers maintain full control over the commercial real estate auction process. On our platform, you can determine how long to market your deal and you can schedule your auction for any date and duration you’d like. Our competitive online tool allows you to set flexible pricing options, receive multiple bids, and sell quickly at or above reserve. You control which buyers can view your listing and submit a bid. And using real-time analytics and custom reports, you can easily optimize your auction. 

Pre-qualified bidders

A well-maintained database of active investors increases buyer participation, results in more offers, and ensures maximum pricing. However, building and maintaining that list is time-consuming. With LightBox RCM®, you have access to our database of over 80,000 pre-qualified bidders. Curated and managed by our team, our database is maintained daily by our in-house research team. Our dedicated researchers use a strict vetting process to ensure accuracy, which helps guarantee that only qualified investors are included. Our pool of investors is highly active – 75% of them actively log in and update investment criteria on a regular basis.

With our database, you can quickly and easily target responsive investors that fit your criteria based on dozens of different acquisition parameters. Our team’s regular maintenance ensures that our database is healthy, active, and accurate.

The platform you trust

More than 50% of all commercial real estate transactions over $10 million are brought to market using LightBox RCM®, and LightBox RCM® has the trust of 300,000+ industry professionals who have leveraged LightBox RCM® to transact over $2.5 trillion in commercial property online. For brokers already using LightBox RCM® for investment sales, our commercial real estate auction platform offers you a seamless integration to the platform you already use. No need for another login, another onboarding call, or time to train yourself and your team.

The LightBox RCM® auction platform provides increased speed, more qualified buyers, and significantly lower fees. To see our auction platform in action, click here.

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