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Five Essential Commercial Real Estate Software Features

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September 10, 2020 3 mins

Having a CRM for your business can make a huge difference in your overall success. Not only does the software help you get organized, it can also help you to boost your productivity and win more deals. As you’re shopping around for CRM software, make sure the one you select has these five essential commercial real estate software features.

Top notch customer service

It seems like so many companies these days only put in effort to make a sale, then the customer is left to figure it out on their own after they sign up. With LightBox ClientLook®, customer service is our top priority. Our team is ready to answer any questions you have so you’ll never feel alone. From our Support team, to our Success team, to our Virtual Assistant team, there is always someone here to help you make the most out of your commercial real estate software.

Powerful integrations

Think about all of the software programs you use on a daily, or even weekly basis. Having the ability to connect some of those platforms together will eliminate duplicate data entry and streamline your efforts. ClientLook® integrates with Google, Outlook, RPR, TheAnalyst Pro, and Mailchimp. With our popular Mailchimp integration, you can easily keep track of your email marketing efforts, review the detailed analytics, and gain insights that could lead to winning more business.

Virtual Assistant team

“You either have an assistant or you are one.” Let that quote sink in for a moment. Your time is valuable, so focus your efforts on your deals, clients, and keeping your pipeline full. Let our team of back office assistants, known internally as the Virtual Assistant team, handle all of your CRM software updates. From adding new contacts, to updating deals, and keeping your property information up to date, the VA can help you save hours of time each week!

CRE mobile app

As a commercial real estate broker, you need a CRM software that you can access from anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, doing a property tour, or at a client meeting, having all of your data in the palm of your hand is a necessity. The ClientLook® mobile app works seamlessly on any iPhone or Android device, and allows you to instantly go from working on your computer to your phone. Not in the office? Not a problem!

Client collaboration and reporting

We all know it can be pretty time consuming to prepare reports for your clients. Instead of manually doing this on a weekly basis, give your clients access to the data you want to share with them with our client collaboration feature. You decide what you want each client to be able to see, and each client is able to log in anytime to self-service their desire for up to date information. It’s a win-win for both of you! If your clients prefer a traditional report, you can quickly export a report directly from ClientLook® with just a few clicks. It doesn’t get any easier, and your clients are sure to be impressed!

The best commercial real estate software is the one you’ll actually use. Make sure you select a CRM that is user-friendly and allows you to be up and running right away – with no special training required! If you’re not a current subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how the ClientLook® features can help you maximize your efficiency. We’re standing by and ready to help you take your commercial real estate business to the next level.

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