Create a rich, highly accurate national fabric of broadband coverage

The Fabric includes more than 300 property attributes and spatial data layers. 

Existing Solution

Commercially available solution that has been successfully integrated by over 1,200 clients.


LightBox provides data components that are built to work together, removing barriers when acquiring and integrating data.

Innovative Data Solutions

We continually overlay new data sets to measure availability, affordability and broadband speed.

Proven Solutions

Our address fabric is currently used by Fortune 100 companies, federal agencies, and state governments as a part of broadband initiatives.

A Data Driven Approach to Broadband for All

Bill Price, VP of Government Solutions at LightBox

LightBox is a trusted solution for broadband service mapping.

200 million +

Locations monitored for broadband access


Counties covered in the USA and Territories


Customers currently using address fabric solution

State of Georgia Broadband Initiative Solution

  • LightBox was proud to support the Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative (GBDI) on behalf of the state of Georgia.
  • Mapped 5.2 million locations statewide with 45 broadband providers
  • Identified 507,000 unserved locations
  • Provided unserved location intelligence and location data to grant applicants and providers
  • Helped to prevent wasted funds and government overbuilds to served locations
  • Created public transparency of unserved locations

Fabric Data

  • Location components cover all 50 States and the District of Columbia as well as the US Territories.
  • Solves for needs that require a high level of fidelity and location accuracy over a large area, including rural areas.
  • Largest nationwide collection of parcel boundaries and building footprints as well as secondary addresses for both residences and businesses.
Address Fabric Monitor
Alternative Data Set Solution

Alternative Data Sets

  • A LightBox core competency is the ability to join and spatially overlay multiple data sets.
  • This includes micro demographics such as income level, employment and race.
  • It also includes relevant broadband data such as speed test, mobile trace, and billing amounts.
  • Spatial queries allow for custom distance calculations critical for gauging connection costs.

Data Accuracy and Verification

  • Processed hundreds of millions of addresses to rigorous quality standards.
  • Confirmation, benchmarking, and reporting against provider data.
  • Providing accurate mapping in challenging areas – rural, lower socio-economic, tribal, or having unique address patterns.
  • Includes both primary (100 Main St.), and secondary (Unit A) addresses, for both residential and commercial locations and street aliases.
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