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Using LightBox, Radiant Labs helps public and private sector clients create detailed energy models

December 3, 2023 3 mins

A LightBox customer success story

  1. Radiant Labs helps cities, states, and utilities make energy policy decisions and meet carbon goals.
  2. With LightBox data, Radiant Labs can determine the relationships between various entities such as parcels, buildings, and addresses.
  3. LightBox geocoding allows Radiant Labs to confidently connect datasets and help clients such as New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) do their work.

Radiant Labs software aggregates assessor, building permit, rooftop solar potential, utility bill, manufacturing, and energy program data to help clients generate energy models and anticipate replacement timelines for equipment. We recently caught up Kelly O’Connell, Director of Building Science at Radiant Labs, who told us how LightBox helps her lead the development and analysis of energy models and data pipelines for clients such as the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

How do you use LightBox in your work at Radiant Labs?

Radiant Labs builds automated energy models that can characterize the energy use of everything from an individual house to an entire region. We help contractors looking to make energy efficiency and electrification upgrades to buildings and make the financial and economic arguments for why their projects help the environment and property owners. For example, city officials can understand the impact a building switching from individual air conditioners to a centralized system would have on the electrical grid. The built environment is complex. State agencies such as NYSERDA use our platform to understand the relationships between assessments, parcels, buildings, and addresses so they can make appropriate policy decisions about energy efficiency, upgrades, or other matters.

Has LightBox helped you improve your workflow?

Yes. Radiant Labs used to have everything—condos, buildings, vacant land—in a single table, making it difficult to characterize different types of properties based on tax assessor records. Switching to LightBox helped us overcome this challenge and understand how properties relate to each other. NYSERDA wanted detailed information about properties such as a multifamily building on the corner of a city block that might have apartments upstairs and a commercial business in the basement or ground floor. Some addresses might be on one street, some on the other, even though they’re in the same building, making it hard to count units and residents. With LightBox, Radiant Labs is able to fill in the gaps and paint a complete picture so NYSERDA can develop a “common schema” of accurate parcel and structure data to drive New York’s renewable energy, decarbonization, and greenhouse gas reduction efforts.

What other features do you like?

Because Radiant Labs works with large amounts of information, not having to de-duplicate data saves us a lot of time—we would never be able to go through millions of records by hand. The ability to break down multiple matches and all the different connections to addresses and buildings and parcels has been very helpful. Radiant Labs also likes your geocoding. With LightBox, we can connect datasets more confidently and draw meaningful conclusions from them.

Would you recommend LightBox to others in the industry?

Absolutely. It’s a powerful tool, and Radiant Labs is happy to be using it for clients like NYSERDA. I’d recommend it to anybody whose work relies on accurate data and the ability to analyze and understand it.

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