LightBox Announces Expansion of Connected Data Offering with National Zoning Data

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Feb 13, 2023 2 mins

Extending commitment to empower businesses with comprehensive, standardized location intelligence for unrivaled insight.

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 13, 2023LightBox, a leading information and technology company, announced today its new national zoning data product. The national zoning data provides customers with a single, centralized, and standardized source for parcel-level zoning data across the country. Detailed information on zoning requirements, setbacks, density, building height, and more, are available and standardized across jurisdictions, enabling customers to streamline acquisition searches across geographies and ultimately make better informed investments and decisions around land use.

“This transformational solution addresses a significant pain point for our customers, which has been an inability to easily search, filter, and analyze properties across geographies with respect to zoning information. Previously, the data was difficult to access and non-standardized across jurisdictions, creating hurdles for customers who need reliable zoning information,” said A.J. Dunklau, General Manager of Location Intelligence at LightBox.

The expanded offering connects to LightBox’s SmartFabric™, bringing together geospatial and non-geospatial datasets in a proprietary connected model. SmartFabric is the foundational dataset for the LightBox Data Platform and connects parcels, building footprints, property data, residential and business usage, and business counts for all 50 states, all built on millions of data points.

By curating zoning data and connecting it to SmartFabric, LightBox is helping customers bring together disparate and unorganized jurisdictional datasets efficiently with access to the most comprehensive collection of parcel-level zoning data on the market. Zoning data primarily helps customers understand land use for investment, planning and development. Customers can receive the data through a bulk delivery or API, and later this year will be able to access it through LightBox’s LandVision platform.

“Real Estate data is fragmented and requires scale and expertise to collect and transform into a usable client offering” said Adam Cardarelli, Chief Product Officer at LightBox. “Our zoning data builds on the domain expertise LightBox offers through PZR, the nation’s leading zoning due diligence provider. It helps solve the challenge we are addressing with the LightBox Data Platform. Our curated, national datasets are built on strong data management and open digital identifiers, making it easier to connect third-party and in-house content for an informational advantage.”

LightBox’s national zoning product includes the largest coverage universe available with over 50 MSA’s, representing over 90% of real estate activity. Our zoning product is continually updated and will be expanded throughout the year to include full nationwide coverage.

To receive a demo, or for more information about LightBox’s zoning data, learn more here.

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